When we see someone who had it going so well and all of a sudden is finding it hard to make ends meet, do we make fun of them? We never know who needs just a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on or just someone to cry with them and tell them "everything is going to be alright: I think it is time we deliberately go out of our ways to make at least 1 person smile in a day.When was the last time we called the name of a friend in prayers? And if you are reading this and you are going through some...these We are all going through some.

So I will ask you the same questions I asked myself.

When last did we check on a friend that we haven't heard from in a while?

The wife gets the gun and without any single hesitation points to her husband’s head and pulls the trigger. The robbers get their gun and walk out of the house laughing. If you were the man in that house how would you react towards your wife? If you were the wife, what explanation can you give to your husband! If you were invited to bring peace between this couples, what advice would you give? You shouldn't be feeling low enough to beg the person you're with just for him to see how hurt you are, so please don't beg to be cared for because it's degrading and it's demeaning and you are so much better than that.

Drop your Comments & this should really be an interesting topic to discuss as counsellors. Remember, if you have to beg, he's not worth it. Sincerely, A guy who cares What is your priority - Your Wedding or your Marriage?

The man gets the gun, points it at his wife and hesitates. You shouldn't have to beg someone to be with you, you shouldn't have to beg someone to stay with you, and you shouldn't have to beg someone to change for you.

He is thinking of what he has gone through in life with his wife and how she has suffered and sacrificed for him. It's not supposed to be that way and if he cared about you at all, he wouldn't ever make you beg for anything from him.sexy male or female with a killer figure and healthy body and you would like to date an older lover (sugar mummy or daddy)?or are you a lonely single matured lady or man in need of a discrete affair with a young lady or man?When last did we visit some one we knew was finding things difficult? The economy of the country is very tough and survival is becoming very hard.When last did we put a call through to a friend that just lost a job or the one that just got one and stressed out of the schedule? Look around and you will see it on people's faces and if you listen closely, you will hear it in every words they mutter. We really need to start watching out for each other. We have to visit each other more We have to smile more, put up an encouraging posture inspite of whatever we are dealing with,believe me; someone is having it worse.If you don’t want to walk alone in the journey of life, it’s important to know some words about the great relationships, either with friends or lovers. Boy : Sorry Love you Have To Be In Pain Cause It Was Your First Time.