Unit will also try to reach areas where TB is higher than usual, such as prisons and hostels for the homeless. Does not provide routine TB skin testing and BCG Vaccinations, adults should refer to local travel clinics and children under 16 should be referred to local health centres.

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Crisis at Christmas: Run several day centres and residential centres across the holiday period with a pick up point in Camden.

People are taken to day centres and if necessary can be further referred to overnight residential centres, open 24 hours.

The commissioned outreach service for the Council, targeting rough sleepers, street drinkers, beggars, street-based sex workers and street-based drug users.

Aims to reduce the social impact of these groups on local areas and also to address the social exclusion of the current street population and to improve their life chances.

Aimed at marginalised groups who have difficulty accessing mainstream healthcare.

The X-Ray equipment is digital and so both gives instant results and is less intrusive than older units (people do not have to undress). Clinics for TB contact tracing and screening for patients with suspected TB or close contact with TB cases.Runs Youth and Street Sex Workers Project based in Chalton Street.Assists young people with housing needs and run a series of life skills programmes.Use our online form to submit a request to reprint content from our website.For more information pertaining to Membership, publications, programs & benefits, or general questions, visit our Help page.If you wish to submit a proposal for a new AARP member benefit, please complete the online New Product Inquiry form.