How many people are willing to do that based on the promise that we will all benefit somewhere down the road?THE diplomatic row between Malaysia and North Korea has escalated to a previously unthinkable level with Pyongyang’s move to ban all Malaysian embassy staff from leaving the country, effectively holding them hostage.One day I got a BB request from a girl I didn’t know and added her.

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“We talked quite a lot for a few days about general things and built up a friendship. She kept asking and asking for me to send her a naked picture.

I wasn’t very confident and was more likely to do something like that without questioning the reason why so I just sent her one without thinking about it. When I said ‘no’ she threatened to put the ones she had on Facebook.

In addressing child sexual crimes, there must be efforts to counter the stigma of sexual abuse and to ensure victims feel safe and protected when they report the crimes.

Clearly, it is not only the children who have to be educated.

Patron of the Permata programmes Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, who has been championing the cause and the Hentikan!!

campaign, said at the seminar on Monday that it is the collective responsibility of society to promote awareness of these crimes.

THE fight against child sexual crimes in Malaysia is gaining momentum.

Well, that may be something of an understatement considering that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak himself has made it clear that the Government will go all out to stop these heinous crimes.

As she pointed out, many cases go unreported because children were afraid and families want to protect their reputation and honour.