The area had been sealed off, and there were police cars everywhere - Mayger knew it wouldn't be long before the press turned up.

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The block was clean and well-kept but hardly grand.

The unit was beautifully furnished, if a little cluttered.

One of Sydney's most notorious serial killers is believed to have hanged himself in his maximum security prison cell today.

John Wayne Glover, 72 - known as the Granny Killer - was found in his Lithgow jail cell and pronounced dead at 1.25pm (AEST), a NSW Corrective Services spokesman said.

It was some sort of macabre trademark - the killer's calling card. She was lying face down diagonally across the concrete floor of the small bin room. The collar of the old lady's raincoat was pulled up about her face, hiding the pantihose knotted so tightly around her neck it had cut into her skin.

Near her head was a blood-soaked gas bill receipt in her name.

Schwartz knew strangulation often went hand in hand with rape. She measured the ligature mark around her neck: nine centimetres. They were on her nose and her temple, her neck and both eyelids. Of most interest to the doctor was the wound on her cheek, an open cut with a small, semi-circular abrasion a few centimetres from it.

Schwartz had learned to distance herself from her job, but she still felt sad because this old lady deserved a more dignified death, not the sort of violence to which she had been subjected.

She was such a trusting soul - she'd strike up a conversation with anyone - and she had probably been talking to them as she tidied up.