The book, updated several times, has sold more than 12 million copies worldwide. According to relationship coach Susan Quilliam, who substantially rewrote the book in 2008, The Joy Of Sex is as important as ever.“We now have many information inputs about sexuality, but this book has a unique credibility and respectability because it was the first to open up about sex not only being something you were allowed to do, but also that you could enjoy and experiment with.So his co-illustrator Charles Raymond (responsible for the colour art work) rather valiantly offered his and his wife’s services.

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From healing sexual trauma, to healing your sexual soul and then celebrating outrageous pleasure and beautiful love within—my videos, ebooks, courses and masterclasses have got you covered.

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The internet and Viagra were in, group sex and facial hair were largely out but, says Quilliam, the changes were not always predictable. According to illustrator Chris Foss their concern was whether they could bring their rather daring project to fruition on a shoe-string budget, without ending up in court.

“I was delighted with the job but I was nervous too.

Women's Health Magazine calls me "The Headmistress of Pleasure," but I'm also a total goofball who spent time studying sexuality both at Stanford University & in the jungles of Asia with Tantric masters.

I'm here to show you how to de-toxify your sex-life and your love-life and upgrade to an organic and maximally healthy approach to sex and love every week—because let's be honest - the way we love and make-love is an absolutely essential component to our happiness in life. Whether you want to self-love like a #superqueen or make-love like a #joygoddess I've got everything you need.

Every century or so, a truly revolutionary thinker comes along who is able to integrate knowledge and experience in ways that advance understanding and practices.

At the age of 39, I am just one year younger than The Joy Of Sex.

“I remember a political journalist colleague keeping his in a file marked Ugandan politics.” Alex Comfort was, says his son, delighted.