It’s also disturbing to learn how difficult it is to catch online perpetrators.I remember being shocked at how long it took to name a suspect in the Amanda Todd case.

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Brendon Brady returns to the scene of Creep Hunters Canada’s first so-called ‘catch’ in Richmond, the Mc Donald’s on Alderbridge Way.

Almost two weeks ago, Brady and a fellow group member lured a 36-year-old man to the location, where he believed he was meeting a 15-year-old girl.

Point being, it’s understandable some people want to step in and do something.

Enter: Calgary resident Dawson Raymond, who founded Creep Catchers in September, 2015.A group for men who crave sexual humiliation and abuse in public or private by men or women.And for those who love to abuse and humiliate them.Finally, working outside the law like this could jeopardize an ongoing investigation into a much larger child pornography ring.In the Richmond case, we have a man who vows to cut himself to prove his love for what he thinks is his new girlfriend.The focus of the group will be the chat room, but discussion threads are welcome as well.