Skype essentially ripped out much of the user interface and unneeded features of its Skype client to create a slim piece of software that could be quickly downloaded.The runtime provides some APIs, and the plug-in delivers those APIs through Javascript for access to Facebook.

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That testing, along with performance tuning, took up much of the last month before Wednesday’s launch.

Even now, Facebook video chat doesn’t work on Macs running the upcoming OS X Lion operating system, which was seeded last week to developers.

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Facebook’s Skype video chat integration wasn’t that much of a surprise, considering all the speculation over the past year and the early reports of the news last week.

“We knew this would be an issue, but it was more complicated than we thought,” Rosenberg said.

“It turns out there is just a lot of concurrency use cases.” Another issue was dealing with different browser and operating system combinations, making sure Facebook video chat would work on all configurations. First time making a suggestion so let me try to sell it a bit. Great move Microsoft offering consumers a choice in the matter! Therefore some apps(mainly Skype) have less value as these user with no Kinect cannot video chat obviously.Now, the clear course of action is to sell Kinect standalone, but Im certain people who bout this console variant do not want Kinect period!He said that Skype just rolled out its Android app and is still working on ramping that up.But he said it’s technically possible, as is group chat for the browser.But it didn’t mean the actual job of bringing Skype’s video service into Facebook’s website was easy, said Jonathan Rosenberg, Skype’s chief technology strategist.