But next to the railway, the music plays loud and fast and tiny light bulbs brighten the wooden shacks.

Reporter Selase Kove-Seyram infiltrated their world for over a year and presents the first of a three-part investigative report.

It’s 2 AM on a Sunday and the city of Accra is fast asleep.

There’s 16-year-old Maafia*, a small girl with skin the colour of baked clay and a cornrow hairdo.

She wears no makeup, and flashes a wide grin every time she speaks.

It would be recalled that a university student, Sarah Kwabla, is threatening to make public what she describes as a secretly recorded video of sexual intercourse she had with Black Stars Captain.

But the fans of Asamoah Gyan says Ghana girls must free him.Used condoms and tissue paper, wet with semen and lubricant are piled in the wastebaskets by each doorway. He knocks hard on the doors: they have had their five minutes.“Time up,” he says and girls, paired with men of different ages, emerge from the cubicles.During weekends she is a wine bar philosopher and polymath for no pay.You must be at least 18-years old or the age of majority where you live (whichever is greater) and agree to all of the terms below before continuing.Tobacco and cheap perfume Inside a large yellow wooden kiosk announcing ‘Arrivals Lodge’ in bright red paint, landlord Chidi, 33, paces up and down, trying to figure out where to put the five girls who have just approached him.