While I’d love to restrict the rankings to current WAGs, its too hard to keep up with all the comings and goings with the various relationships across many countries.

That, and the fact I really don’t care about such information.

Soon the Internet joined in, and websites were dedicated to these women, appreciating the beauty they bring and mocking the crazy that comes along with it. While we realize that many of these women are vapid and shallow, many still manage to look incredible.

What follows is our ranking of the Top 100 Footballer Wives and other girlfriends from the world of soccer.

In order to maintain her slim figure she supposedly does without fat, pork, and many breads. Doesn’t she know that you don’t win friends with salad?

Like any good WAG, she’s done television hosting as well, presiding over the first two seasons of Big Brother in Romania.

Significant Other: dated Cristian Chivu (Inter Milan) This Romanian model and television hostess got her start by winning the prestigious International Elite Model Look Contest.

Since that time she’s been twice voted the sexiest woman in Romania, so she’s doing something right.

Back in 2002, ITV launched a television drama titled Footballers’ Wives, whose main subject matter concerned a fictional English Premier League club, its players, and of course their wives.

Influenced by the lifestyles of some prominent real-life wives, such as Victoria Beckham, the characters were scandalous, often cold-hearted, and the show featured more gold diggers than California circa 1849.

Celebrity gossip is best left to others actually interested in such stuff. And while I made a good faith effort to keep the relationships listed below up to date, I offer no guarantee on their accuracy.

To account for this, the Top 100 below includes current and former girlfriends.

She even landed a small role in the Hollywood hit Ocean’s Twelve (even if it’s considered the worst of the trilogy) and can be seen in award-winning director Rob Marshall’s upcoming film Nine.