It's abundantly clear that David Allen, the author really understands how men think and behave.

I got back with my boy friend and our relationship is stronger than ever before!

Cry until your face turns tomato red and you can't breathe or you start hyperventilating. This may be a surprising suggestion, since most experts will tell you to cut him or her out (Joey Gladstone style), completely, which means no texts, no wall posts, no tweets, and definitely no late-night stalking.

Don't delete him as a friend (it's petty and makes him think that you're a mess, which even if you are, you don't want him to know, right? Instead, just block his profile, so none of his updates show up on your feed.

Also, block him on Gchat, i Chat, Skype and any other communication network. Just because someone has stopped loving you or doesn't love you enough, it doesn't mean that you are not deserving of finding love.

Trust that your ideal match is someone who will love you and accept you for who you are, no strings attached.

Realize that your ex was not that person, but now that he's out of your life, you are that much closer to finding your true soul mate. You have a great writting stlye and your voice is very kind and aproachable.

Before I even begin to address this topic, I should tell you that there are more than 3.19 million results for this search, according to Google--and a lot of them are written by psychological professionals, not valley girls with alleged brains. Cry until your stomach hurts and you and the supermarket have run out of Kleenex. Still, I believe in trying to reconcile--but only once.

I've read multiple help guides, but sometimes, it seems like these so-called experts have no idea what mourning a relationship is like. Get the tears out of your system, as soon as possible. It's a scientific fact that music has therapeutic effects, including lowering your heart rate, reducing pain and relieving stress. Your friends will try to console you and be there to listen. In fact, I'd be surprised if you even have any other conversation topics at the moment, right? This is the tough part, where you have to think about--and sadly--acknowledge that your partner wasn't happy. So make sure you come up with and execute a really good plan.Needless to say, I was completely heartbroken and destroyed. **I say this in a humourous light, I'm not trying to stir anybody up :) Yes, exactly.I never had the feelings that I had for him with anyone else... and searching for an answer I found this site: ad decided to gve a try at the method that explains... It's incredible how powerful can be sending the right text messages at the right time!! Go out with other people and remind yourself of how incompatible you are with other people. I appreciate the humor right now as I am moving out of my shared apartment into a one bedroom (again) this weekend... I don't agree with staying friends with your ex on Facebook.Totally agree about disconnecting from all social media. This was far more helpful than anything else I have found. My 5 year relationship ended about 1 week ago and I am a heartbroken wreck.The part that struck me the most - and almost immediately helped me take a significant step forward - was #6. I was trying to become friends with her in hopes she will eventually open her eyes. It doesnt make it easy that she was giving me false hope, And other factors that are prolonging what i need to do. I agree with most of these steps, but can't picture myself actually doing many of them.Follow me on Twitter: @This Jen Kim Want to know when I write a new post? i think your getting across a very important message that i was just disscussing in psychology class about the basiscs being related to everyday life and understanding of pschy could help a lot of people understand them selves and others in order to move through life and gain happier healthier relationships, coping skills, habits, and a better way to treat yourself.i lvoe everything your saying.