The other pretended to be sweet, retracting her steel-tipped feet; But the Devil in this…

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When Bernard comes home from work (never-mentioned) he is welcomed by his wife Nincia and her servant Van.

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Et dans le boudoir où, sonore, Tintait son rire aérien, Brillaient quatre points de phosphore.

She played with her cat, and it was marvelous seeing the paw of white and the white hand vying in the shade of evening.

The two women are Asian (well, better not dwell upon that ...) as is the food and everything else in Bernard's life.

But Nincia fears that Bernard might get tired of her and tells her best friend (Li? She suggests offering him a second wife, discarding Van who must remain Nincia's servant.

Also, if any other animals come to mind that are relevant to this, where you would not use female, please mention them! Il est tout à fait normal de parler d'une chatte quand le contexte est clair.

Si je parle d'un animal familier que je connais je parle de la chatte ou du chat selon son sexe.

But before that, the female friend is given a 'bath' by the host's two wives while the male friend gets taken care of orally by Van.

(Just makes me wonder who the idiot was, who when asked for the typical way of socializing in France, ticked the box apritif when such a thing as erotic massage by the landlady and her Asian female servant was available! ) When the 3rd bride enters the bed room, the party begins. Anyway that man should get a television set and some rest. Prophilo Additional film information added with help from Dictionnaire des films franais pornographiques et rotiques 16 et 35 mm.

Elle jouait avec sa chatte, Et c’était merveille de voir La main blanche et la blanche patte S’ébattre dans l’ombre du soir. — Sous ces mitaines de fil noir Ses meurtriers ongles d’agate, Coupants et clairs comme un rasoir. lost nothing, nor in the boudoir where, clearly, (hear his airy laughter ringing) shone four sharp points, glowing.