Assange's only crime was to do things that embarrassed the US Emperor. The two women involved went to the police to ask if his alleged actions constituted rape.

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And I think it would certainly change the way the liberals and those on the left view Trump,” Stoeckly said.

Trump has yet to make a public statement on the fate of Julian Assange and whether he has any plans of pardoning the whistleblower.

As a reminder, Swedish prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for Assange in August 2010, based on allegations of sexual assault by two female Wiki Leaks volunteers in Sweden, and have sought his extradition for years.

Assange has been sought for questioning on allegations of four counts of sexual misconduct, which he repeatedly denied and three of which have now expired under Sweden’s Statute of Limitations.

In the first signs of movement following years of legal limbo involving the exiled Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, whose releases of hacked DNC and Podesta emails over the past few months have had a dramatic impact on the US political system, Swedish Chief Prosecutor Ingrid Isgren arrived at Ecuador's London embassy to question Assange, following a prolonged deadlock in an alleged rape case opened in Sweden more than six years ago.

As CNN reports, Assange gave a statement in the presence of a Swedish prosecutor regarding allegations he sexually assaulted two women in the country six years ago, Wiki Leaks tweeted Monday.

“This is something that Ecuador has been inviting the Swedish prosecutors to do ever since we granted asylum to Mr. “What we have asked from Sweden and the UK are guarantees that Mr.

Assange will not be extradited to a third country where he could be persecuted for his work as a journalist,” Long said.

The interview is attended by Sweden’s chief prosecutor Ingred Isgren.

Swedish police inspector Cecilia Redell is also reportedly to be present.

She is currently serving a 35-year jail sentence for the leaks.